Season Ticket – Early Bird Renewal Offer


Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario 2020-2021 Season

EXTENDED – Renew by end-of-day Tues, March 3rd and receive following incentives/benefits:

• One (1) Free Parking Pass for all Full Season members

• All Full Season members who renew early before March 2nd, 2020 will qualify to go to an Exclusive “Meet and Greet” with NBA legend Jerry West and LA Clippers Game 

• All Courtside members Row 1 plus Row 2 will receive One (1) Free Parking Pass next season.
Clients can choose to purchase a second parking pass if they desire.

New Exclusive Season Ticket Member Jacket

New Free Group Tickets – Twenty (20) tickets for One (1) game

New All members will now receive 30% OFF ACC Gear – Merchandise at Toyota Arena

• One (1) Courtside Upgrade during the 2020-21 Season

• Attend team practice at private practice facility

• Blocked Court-Time for our members to play on court post-game

• Chalk Talk Event with Coach Brian Adams or Dee Brown

• Toyota Arena tour during the 2020-21 Season

• Adult Shoot around with coaches

* If member(s) pay in full by the early renewal of March 3, 2020 they will receive: – Courtside upgraded seat(s) for the remainder of the season. Must be a value of $1,000.00 – Courtside members PIF: will receive a personalized branded seat cover during the 2020-21 Season. * Any Holiday Plan holder who puts down a 25% FSE deposit will have their Holiday Plan funds rolled over towards their deposit.

Early Bird Offer Ends Soon, Contact us today: