Season Ticket – Early Bird Renewal Offer

Early Bird Renewal Offer – Now Available!

Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario 2020-2021 Season

Renew by March 1st and receive following incentives/benefits:

• All Full Season members who renew early before March 1, 2020 will qualify to go to Dinner with NBA legend Jerry West

One (1) Free Parking Pass for all Full Season members

• All Courtside members Row 1 plus Row 2 will receive One (1) Free Parking Pass next season.
Clients can choose to purchase a second parking pass if they desire.

New Exclusive Season Ticket Member Jacket

New Free Group Tickets – Twenty (20) tickets for One (1) game

New All members will now receive 30% OFF ACC Gear – Merchandise at Toyota Arena

• One (1) Courtside Upgrade during the 2020-21 Season

• Attend team practice at private practice facility

• Blocked Court-Time for our members to play on court post-game

• Chalk Talk Event with Coach Brian Adams or Dee Brown

• Toyota Arena tour during the 2020-21 Season

• Adult Shoot around with coaches

* If member(s) pay in full by the early renewal of March 1, 2020 they will receive: – Courtside upgraded seat(s) for the remainder of the season. Must be a value of $1,000.00 – Courtside members PIF: will receive a personalized branded seat cover during the 2020-21 Season. * Any Holiday Plan holder who puts down a 25% FSE deposit will have their Holiday Plan funds rolled over towards their deposit.

Early Bird Offer Ends March 1st, Contact us today: